Lama Tashi Dondrub

Born 1953 in Tibet, he was brought up in Bhutan after his escape from his home country. Under the guidance of his father, who is himself a lama of the Nyingma lineage, he started to study Buddhist dharma from an early age on. After being ordained by H.H. the 16. Gyalwa Karmapa, he was further educated in Rumtek monastery in Sikkim.


Lama Tashi spent 16 years in Rumtek, were he was responsible for the education of the young monks. He then went into a 3-year retreat, followed by another year of Kalachakra retreat.


In 1988 he was sent to Kamalashila Institute in Germany, where he was teaching for the next 10 years. Since 1998 he teaches at a Buddhist center in Canada.