Thrangu Tashi Choling

Herstattallee 2

50769 Köln-Seeberg



Saturday and Sunday from
10:30 to 12:30 AM and
2:30 to 4:30 PM



Unless otherwise noted, events at the center are free. Voluntary contribution welcome.


Courses with Lama Kunga in other centers

10-11.06.23 Medicine Buddha - Healing Oneself and Others

With Lama Kunga


While still training on the bodhisattva path, the medicine buddha took the vow that by hearing his name the sentient beings will be healed from their illnesses. Since every physical and mental disease is ultimately caused by the three mental poisons greed, hatred and ignorance, the practice of the medicine buddha can not only heal diseases, but also lead us on the path of liberation. Through his practice we pray for the healing activity of his deep blue light for ourselves as well as for other beings of the six realms.


20-21.05.23 Course cancelled!

15-16.04.2023 Vajrakilaya

With Lama Kunga


Vajrakīlaya, a wrathful manifestation of Vajrasattva, eradicates ignorance and emotional afflictions that cause obstacles in our daily life and our dharma practice. The symbol of the compassionate wrathful activity is the phurpa, a ritual dagger which stabs the obstacles, thereby subduing and transforming their destructive potential. Vajrakīlaya in essence represents our own pure inner nature, that was never stained by the turmoils of mental afflictions. The activity of Vajrakīlaya is especially effective in pacifying social conflicts and disturbances, and mending breaches of the tantric samaya, like the breaches of the bonds between Vajrayāna practitioners.

25-26.02.23 4-armed Chenrezig and Mahakala Tsog - Love and Compassion for the Six Realms

With Lama Kunga


Chenrezig is the embodiment of the compassion of all the buddhas. He manifests in the six realms of existence in manifold ways in order to liberate all beings from suffering. With his practice, we establish a connection to him, enabling him to unfold his activity in our own mind.
In this course we receive teachings about the six realms and we practice the development of love and compassion towards all beings who are locked in these different states of existence.

04-05.02.23 White Tara

With Lama Kunga


White Tara, Tib. Drolkar, is known as the Mother of All Buddhas und embodies the purity of compassion. With her seven wisdom eyes she sees the suffering of beings within all samsaric realms and in the three times. Her enlightened activity pacifies obstacles of body, speech and mind, which block our spiritual progress. For instance, she harmonizes the five elements, which constitute the body, and dissolves blockages of the subtle body, leading to improved health and a prolongation of our life. With her practice we want pray on this day for long life, health, freedom from obstacles as well as world peace.